Oregon - Washington - Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan has become Calgary’s favourite spot for a quick jaunt into wine country. The wine and food scene are improving at a brisk pace and there are amazing new wineries popping up all the time. Oregon and Washington are short plane rides from Calgary and have become popular spots for those looking for phenomenal food and wine experiences. We’re adding all our favourite dining spots and places to visit here, so if your heading to the pacific northwest, you’ll find some great tips.


Hidden Gem

By Bleddyn Jones | May 31, 2014

Fans of Russian River, Carneros and Burgundy are in for a special treat if they venture into the pinot noirs from Willamette Valley, Oregon. Willamette still maintains the folksy charm and genuine hospitality of Napa of decades past, while its residents, many of them respected giants of the industry, quietly produce some spectacular pinot noir.…