Fall Newsletter

It’s never easy saying goodbye to summer, especially when it’s as good as the one we just experienced (freak 2-day snowstorm notwithstanding).

I, for one, managed to wear a pretty good path from my patio to my fridge over the past three months. While I haven’t totally given up on the idea of sipping wine on the deck, I have to acknowledge the days remaining for that are numbered. As a wine drinker I can’t help but look forward to cooking rich, hearty dishes and uncorking some of the big, brassy reds that I tend to avoid in the warmer months.

In the 17 years I’ve worked at J. Webb, I can’t remember ever having so many incredible new wines. So I’ve done my best to cram a little information about all of them into this newsletter for you. I hope this makes the end of summer a little less painful.

— Kevin McLean