2014 Cantina Del Pino Barbaresco Albesani
Piedmont, Italy
2014 Cantina Del Pino Barbaresco Gallina
Piedmont, Italy

Regular $79.95 SALE $69.95 (each)
November 24 – 25 
Cantina del Pino is a small, family owned winery located in Barbaresco, Piedmont, northern Italy. The family have been growing grapes in the region for four generations. This is one of the reasons why the winery can boast substantial amounts of old vines – with an average age of 40 years old with some planted over 70 years ago.

This weekend, we have two of winery’s single vineyard Barbarescos open for you to try. The Albesani Barbaresco is the lighter, more elegant of the two. On the nose you get aromas of rose water, strawberry, tobacco and sweet candied fruit. The palate is complex and flavourful with an abundance of red cherry and strawberry. There are also hints of cedar, some delicate spice and a subtle cola bottle notes. The tannins are incredibly fine – particularly considering its young age. All in all, this is a very elegant and pretty wine.

The Gallina is another beast altogether. The nose shows some of the same aromas as the Albesani, with strawberry and cherry prominent from the start, but overall, the nose is a lot more savoury, with more herbaceous and earthy aromas. On the palate, the wine is a lot heavier, with more fruit and a much bigger mouth feel. The finish, however, is where you notice the difference between these two wines the most. The Gallina has much more structure – the hefty tannins help draw the wine out to a (60 second +) long finish. This Barbaresco will make some Barolos look light! It’s quite the experience.
Open for tasting at J.Webb Glenmore Landing and 17th Avenue.