J. Webb Wine Merchant


Preserving the Values of the Past

You don't have to go back very far to recall the values of the traditional merchant. Our grandparents' generation used merchants for everything: from fresh fish to meat and vegetables - and they knew which ones were the best. This was a time when they knew the names of everyone they dealt with and there was pride in the faces of the merchants as they passed on their sage advice along with their wonderful goods. There were no long, frustrating line ups or uniformed minimum-wage workers to deal with - the experience was comfortable and yes... even enjoyable! Why do you think meals at grandma's house were always so great? She knew where to buy.

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So what's the difference between a wine merchant and a regular liquor store? Many things set us apart, but let's start with the people - our most important asset. Our people are passionate; they travel, read, taste and glean everything they can about wine. They are delighted and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience with you - they don't treat work like a job. They take the time to listen, ask the right questions and make sure you find the wine that is right for you. They remember what you drink and ask you what you thought - always trying to push your boundaries and introduce you to unique and exciting wines. They steer you away from the ordinary and encourage a journey of discovery and learning. In short, they care.

Our product is another distinguishing feature, and one we are very proud of. It has taken us more than two decades to assemble our selections and we cherish the relationships we have built along the way with our suppliers. We strive to work with family run estates in an effort to preserve a culture we believe to be important and one that has certainly diminished in numbers. We don't simply open up a magazine to see what is popular, we try to create a diverse and unique selection of wines that represent the hard work of real people, people we know and respect. The criteria for our wine goes beyond the obvious; we value distinction over convention, pleasure over power and character over clever packaging.

Tasting is another key to the J. Webb experience. We believe wine should be open and available, because every person has a unique perspective. Shopping at J. Webb gives you an opportunity to taste wine, experience it and get some information before you spend your money. As a true wine merchant we buy most of our wines directly from the producer, eliminating unnecessary wholesale charges and allowing us to offer unparalleled value.

Our store is more than an assortment of bottles; it embodies a philosophy and a passion. We are not here just for collectors of expensive wines; we are focused on working with our community to help enrich their lives through the discovery of great wines at every price. To this end you will not find well-known industrial wines from large corporations, instead you can discover something new, something unusual and hopefully something wonderful.


Janet Webb